Software engineering

48h course over one semester - Master 2 Informatique et Documents - Lille 3

  • Agile software development / Extreme programming. Among other things and in a random order : Customer collaboration, responding to change, self documenting code, test driven development, test design, pair programming, continuous integration
  • Object oriented programming. First of all this. Then tests again as in "non testable code = poor design" and a few design patterns to conclude (strategy, factory, composite, decorator, visitor...)
  • Collaborative Todo list project using Django (python) and faking weekly interraction with a customer.
  • Introduction to J2EE

UML class diagrams

8h course - Master 1 Informatique et Documents - Lille 3


Data structures in Java

28h of praticals - DUT informatique, IUT A de Lille

Logic programming & Functional programming

36h of praticals - Licence 3 Informatique, Université de Lille 1

  • Logic programming : Boolean Logic, the PROLOG programming language
  • Functional programming : lambda calculus, the caml programming language